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NoNo Hair Removal: Does NoNo Hair Removal Work?

Recently I learned about hair removal.  The title alone sounded good to me.  I have long been immensely grateful to be blessed with my father’s thick, curly locks only to be equally disappointed by thick, unwanted hair elsewhere.  Growing up near the beach having hair under control was a major focus especially as an awkward teenager in a swimsuit.  As a teen I also had several female friends who suffered from unwanted facial hair, which was a source of tremendous embarrassment for them.

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In my personal pursuit of less hair everywhere I have tried a plethora of painful options from plucking, waxing, and shaving to the more permanent electrolysis and laser hair removal processes.  I say ‘more permanent’ because there was definitely some hair that grew back.  As a result of my long time interest in hair containment I found myself wanting to know more about hair removal.

In my quest for more knowledge about NoNo hair removal I searched the website, which is a great source of information on complete hair removal.

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To my surprise NoNo hair removal does not appear to be another wishful thinking product being shown on late night TV.  NoNo hair removal has been endorsed by heavy media hitters like the Today, The View, Dr. Oz, and The Doctors.  There is even a physician endorsement by Dr. Dina Strachan, M.D. Board Certified Dermatologist who says, “What impresses me about No!No! is all the research and clinical studies that have been done to prove that it really does work.”

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Once I felt reasonably confident NoNo hair removal was legitimate and accomplished what it purported to do my next question was how does it work and what are the results?  According to the website NoNo hair removal works by “Patented technology slows down hair regrowth… Go weeks without shaving, and get long-lasting results”.  Slowing hair growth and not having to shave for weeks at a time sounds great to me.   I was even more excited when I read the testimonial of one woman, “The more you use it, the more results you get. Every time you use it, less and less hair grows back and you see more and more results.”  I really like that the results seem to increase with the number of times NoNo hair removal is used.  What made these results all the more exciting to me was that NoNo is, “Guaranteed to be painless and effective”.  Shaving might not be so bad but I have found waxing and other methods of hair removal to be quite painful both during the process and afterwards.

Since me interest was seriously piqued at this point I wanted to know how I could acquire NoNo hair removal.  NoNo is available online at the aforementioned website I included in this article.  To my great astonishment, the NoNo hair removal kit has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a “100% RISK FREE 60 DAY TRIAL”.  With no risk and the potential for all gain this is a product to try

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NoNo Hair Removal Scam

NoNo Hair Removal Scam | Is NoNo A Scam?

There are so many new products on the market it is difficult to tell the real thing from what is a sham.  What I want to know is if this is the hair removal answer or a NoNo Hair Removal scam.  I have fallen for many a scam before and I am not keen on repeating the experience.  Thus, I embarked on a search for evidence of the verity of NoNo Hair Removal claims.

In order to research these claims I started at the source, the NoNo Hair Removal official website

First, of all I want to list the claims that NoNo Hair Removal makes, “Go weeks without shaving, and get long-lasting results!”, “Guaranteed to be painless and effective!”, and “100% Risk-Free 60 Day Trial!”  These are strong statements but are they true?

Some people question these statements and claim it is part of the NoNo Hair Removal Scam.  By scam I am referring to the following definition, “to cheat or defraud with a scam”.  With this as my basis of evaluation, I ask myself are those who purchase NoNo Hair Removal being cheated or defrauded.  To my knowledge and research I have not noticed a scam by this definition, customers are apprised of the expected results on the official website and there is a 60 day money back guarantee for those who are not 100% satisfied.  The guarantee itself protects consumers from losing money on a product that does not work out for them.  This hardly constitutes a scam where one is cheated or defrauded.

Interestingly, there might be quite another scam afoot.  It seems that NoNo Hair Removal is being offered by several vendors other than the official website.  This may be a source of problems for customers. Cindy Walters, a professional review author for an organization called Researched Reviews states that, “It is critical that buyers be aware to only purchase No No Hair Removal from the official web-site. Buying from any other website is not advisable as you won’t be guaranteed the newest and most current model of the product. Furthermore, purchasing from the official website is the only way you can be certain to receive the 100% full money-back guarantee.’”  This might be the cause of complaints that I have read when I was investigating NoNo Hair Removal.  Such individuals were commenting on their experiences after purchasing NoNo Hair Removal from vendors other than the official website.

Meanwhile I have read multiple reviews of the validity of the NoNo Hair Removal product and the guarantee.  Cindy Walters again states “This device is much more than just your average, run-of-the-mill hair removal system. It’s a doctor-recommended, high caliber device designed to give you salon-quality results right at home. It’s safe, effective, and simple! The product works by way of innovative Thermicon technology that uses the power of heat to prevent hair follicles from regrowing the hair people try so hard to get rid of. No dangerous lasers to worry about.”  This review sounds like proof that the NoNo Hair Removal scam is just a sham.  However, the best way to find out is to try NoNo Hair Removal yourself.

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NoNo Hair Removal Complaints

NoNo Hair Removal Complaints | The Pros & Cons

With claims like “go weeks without shaving and get long-lasting results!” and “guaranteed painless and effective” it seems like NoNo Hair Removal is too good to be true.  I was sure there would be some NoNo Hair Removal Complaints.  As for myself I have purchased many a product with high hopes that amounted to a colossal disappointment not to mention a waste of time, space and money.  I say space because I have very limited drawer and closet space and I tend to hang onto things even when they end up not working out.

Certainly when it comes to space NoNo Hair Removal offers little to complain about.  It is much smaller than most hair brushes.  If you do not believe me check out the website

Well the money does not appear to be a point for NoNo Hair Removal complaints.  After all NoNo Hair Removal comes with a 60 day 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Not only does this guarantee cover the purchase cost, but it also includes the cost of shipping and pays for return shipping.  Okay so there is really no room to complaint there.

Now onto time, will NoNo Hair Removal be a waste of my time?  Since the whole procedure takes as long as gently swiping NoNo over the body area with the unwanted hair that sounds like it takes as much or less time than waxing.  However, my experience of waxing has been that there are pain and in-grown hair issues.

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From my observations of NoNo Hair Removal there does not appear to be obvious cause to complain about the potential for wasting one’s time, space or money.  Though I have watched the videos and read information from the website I have not actually used NoNo Hair Removal.  Therefore my next question is what do people who have actually used NoNo Hair Removal say about NoNo Hair Removal?

Opinions of NoNo Hair Removal come from all walks of life.  One physician, James M Spencer MD, said, “The efficiency and safety of no!no! Thermicon device in hair removal appear to be comparable to those of more expensive, in-office methods.”  This is hardly a NoNo Hair Removal complaint.

Then I checked further and aha I found a NoNo Hair Removal Complaint, “Well I have been working steady at it for 5 days a week for a month and a half, without any results (I have light fine hair naturally.  It does say three months so maybe it will surprise me.”  The website does say it takes three months to see long-lasting results.

Then I came across a hair removal blog that reviews various different home hair removal processes, “The truth is, No No Hair Removal is actually VERY EASY TO USE, and will give you great results, but it does require a bit of a time investment. However, if you are looking to have your extra unsightly hairs removed over time at a really reasonable price, and aren’t afraid to give up a few minutes of your day to treat yourself, then look no further than The No No Hair Remover.”  This endorsement plus the 60 day guarantee make NoNo Hair Removal seem worth a try.

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NoNo Hair Removal Review

NoNo Hair Removal Review: My Shocking Review

You may have heard of NoNo Hair Removal on the popular television shows like Today, The View, Dr. Oz and The Doctors.  What you may be wondering is whether this product actually works.  Well, I was wondering the same thing.  The best way to find out if a product is useful is to investigate it.  As a result, I wanted a NoNo Hair Removal review that would let me know the facts.

It has been really helpful for me in my search for more information for my NoNo Hair Removal Review to check out the website, which I encourage you to do too

At first glance I thought this product was a replacement for leg shaving.  This is not the case.  This product can be used on one’s face as well as various parts of the body. Additionally, I thought this product was targeted for women.  I was wrong again.  This product is not only for woman.  There are many men out there too who have unwanted hair and do not want to submit themselves to painful and costly hair removal procedures such as waxing and laser hair removal.

I want to know how NoNo Hair Removal actually works.  According the NoNo Hair Removal website NoNo uses “a patented Thermicon technology” that “delivers a gently pulse of heat over the skin to immediately remove and crystallize hair”.  The process by which one uses NoNo Hair Removal seems pretty easy to me “step one glide NoNo over your skin, step two remove (crystallized hair) and exfoliate, and step three apply NoNo smooth”.

The NoNo Hair Removal method is supposed to be long-lasting.  I was wondering how this is accomplished.  I know step three of the NoNo Hair Removal process includes NoNo Smooth, a hair growth inhibitor cream, but is there more to the supposed long-lasting effects of NoNo Hair Removal.  It turns out that there is another reason for the long-lasting results “Thermicon™ technology directly affects the hair follicle and to delay and disrupt future hair growth.”  One important additional point I have to make about the long-lasting effects of NoNo Hair Removal is that long-lasting is not the same as permanent.  Some of the hair will grow back.  The website goes on to clarify long-lasting hair removal, “it (hair) will grow back looking thinner and finer. If you stop using no!no!, hair growth may eventually return to its previous pattern.”  This disappointed me initially until I realized that long-lasting is still a lot better than shaving every day or every other day.

My NoNo Hair Removal Review of this product has also revealed an excellent risk free guarantee of a refund of the purchase price, refund of the shipping and payment of the return postage if one is not 100% satisfied after 60 days.  Most guarantees refund the purchase price but not the shipping and they certainly do not pay the postage.  That means NoNo Hair Removal represents zero financial risk.  This is the first I have seen of a guarantee like this.  With the NoNo Hair Removal guarantee there is every reason to give it a try.

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Hair removal has been an issue for many people.  Even the ancient Egyptians millennia ago were concerned with hair removal.  There are many different methods people employee to rid themselves of unwanted hair.  Many of these methods have significant downsides most notably, pain and high cost.  Well, among all of the hair removal products on the market there is one, Hair Removal seems to address both of these downsides through a method that is both painless and far less expensive.  Is this just another claim or is it true.  I decided to conduct my own search of NoNo Reviews to check the veracity of these claims.

While I stand by the accuracy of my evaluation of NoNo Reviews I encourage everyone to research NoNo Hair Removal for themselves

The clientele for NoNo Hair Removal is basically all adults, male and female who are desirous to remove unwanted hair.  Those who endorse NoNo Hair Removal vary from physicians and celebrities to ordinary people.  What caught my eye were the celebrity endorsements because I figure they have enough money to have the most expensive hair removal treatments and they choose NoNo instead.  I also know that for celebrities their appearance is not just a matter of vanity it affects their livelihood.  Hence, when it comes to beauty products the comments of celebrities catch my eye.  One such celebrity is Bobbie Eakes an actor on the television show All My Children, “I started using it and I was just so excited… It’s really changed my whole beauty routine.”

What caught my attention even more than the celebrity endorsement were the medical studies.  Among the studies cited was one from an actual peer reviewed journal Clinical Evaluation of Handheld Self-Treatment Device for Hair Removal, James M. Spencer, MD. From the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology: August 2007.  In the medical community as in science everything is either proven or disproven by research.  Research does not get published unless a group of respected medical professions or “peers” review the data collected during the study, the analysis and the conclusions the researchers make.  In order for the research to be published the peer reviewers have to conclude that the study was conducted in a way consistent with appropriate medical practices and the results are worth publishing.  Such medically accepted peer reviewed results are also worth reading about.

The objective of Dr. James M. Spencer’s study sounds exactly like the results I want to hear about, “to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a thermal, handheld self-treatment device (no!no!™ Thermicon™, Radiancy Inc, Orangeburg, NY) for removing unwanted hair.”  One amazing finding was that “The efficacy and safety of the no!no! Thermicon device for hair removal of the legs appear to be comparable to those of laser devices.”  Wow NoNo Hair Removal performed comparably to laser hair removal.  This NoNo review is impressive.  What adds to this astounding finding is the fact that NoNo Hair Removal costs just a fraction of laser hair removal.  With a low cost and results like these who cannot afford to give NoNo Hair Removal a try.

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